Dear Prospective Student,

   Each person should have a chance to experience music in a way that is rewarding to them. I will never tell a student they shouldn't pursue playing the piano because they don't have the "natural talent". Talent and ability is grown over time and through practice, as is every skill we learn in our lives. It's also grown through the motivation to play the music that makes us happy. I make it my mission to make sure each student is motivated by the music they play. More motivation= more happiness= progression and talent on the piano. 

I take all ages, abilities, and interests, although it's best to wait until the child can read & shows interest in learning an instrument (around 6). My prices are average for the area, and I try to make lessons affordable for everyone. 

Thanks for visiting, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Alicia (Rhyner) Rytlewski

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